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A Celebration of Fabada, Beans and Bean Stew

 Beans (Fabes) These form an important part of Llaniscan cusine, just as in Asturias as a whole. Llanes has its own specialities though, for example, to go with fabada, (as if it weren´t enough all by itself!) we have “pantruque" a type of dumpling made from maize flour. Also, in the Valley of Ardisana, in the inland region of the borough, a small bean is grown, similar in size to the baked bean so beloved by the English and green in colour. It has a beautiful taste and is known as a Verdina

If you really want to experience the richness and quality of our cuisine, there is nothing better than to come along to our Celebratory Days of Bean stew, Beans and Green Beans organized by the town council. 2015 Celebratory Days will take place on 6th to 8th and 13th to 15th of November.

Jornadas Gastronómicas
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