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Urban Llanes

Llanes town and borough

The town of Llanes, both historic centre and fishing port, has a large number of places of interest.

Llanes Urbano
Turismo Cultural

Posada. Puerta de los Picos de Europa

The Parrish of Posada in the west of the borough of Llanes has about 1,608 inhabitants, of whom 847 live in Posada, the capital of the parish, some 8km from Llanes. It is the second most important centre of population in the borough.

Llanes Urbano

Nueva. Capital of The Valley of Saint George

Located in the extreme west of the borough, the parish of Nueva has a total of 739 inhabitants, of whom 585 live in the village. It is some 20km from Llanes and is the capital of La Valle de San Jorge (The Valley of St. George.)

Llanes Urbano

Virtual View

Walk along the promenade of San Pedro and the surrounding

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