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District of Llanes map

Map with the coast and Picos de Europa, including main places to visit in the east of Asturias.

Street map of Llanes

Street map of Llanes with interesting  places and telephones.


Virtual Flight

Here you can find a flight over Llanes its beaches, villages, landscapes... This can help you to planning your stay in our borough.

You need download the map here and the software here

This flight over Llanes requires the following:

Panorámica aérea del Concejo de Llanes

Rutas virtuales 3D por la Villa de Llanes

If you want to know Llanes village with a 3D route click  and you'll find five diferent routes.

Basílica Santa María de Llanes


Council Map of Llanes, includes all beaches and tourist resorts and hiking trails.




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