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Playa de Cobijeru

The beach at Cobijeru

Again towards the east, this beach can be accessed from the village of Buelna, (even though in this case you have to use a foot path.) Here you can see the extraordinary limestone area, componed of the beach, the bufones and the cave, which has been declared a Natural Monument (The Natural Resources Plan for Asturias).

The beach is located at the back of a doline and is semi circular in shape. It is only 30 metres in length and has the same appearance as the beach at Gulpiyuri, i.e., it is not posible to see the sea from the beach since it is blocked off by the cliff face. The sea comes into the beach via a series of cracks in the cliff wall. It is of course, ideal for bathing, due to its extraordinarily quiet waters.

The immediate environment of the beach is classified as natural and does not have any services. It is considered as having enormous value as a natural site and as one of the most beautiful spots in the borough.