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Playa de Vidiago

The beach at Vidiago

From the mouth of the river Purón, and to the east of the beach at Andrín,you have to travel a good way along the coast which is made up cliffs, to come to the beach at Vidiago. This is also known as Novales or Bretones. The beach is divided almost in two by a rocky out crop. The beach is quite straight and is about 260 metres in length. The sand is fine and white.

You get to the beach from the village of Vidiago along the road which goes to the campsite (situated only a few metres from the beach.) It has a range of services, such as life guards, a Red Cross post, telephones, beach cleaning, waste bins and danger signals. The beauty and size of this beach, together with the fact that it is so close to the famous prehistoric monolith, the Idolo de Peña Tu, together with its ease of access, makes this beach very popular.