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The Chapel at Cue

The parish church of San Román which dates from 1788. It is situated between the village and the sea in a beautiful little spot. It has a tower, updated in 1928 when the clock was installed

Here the film has been shot: EL PORTERO 2000


The rigors of the post civil war era has caused Ramiro Forteza a first division goal keeper to earn his living challenging the locals to score penalties against him. In an Asturian village he meets Manuela, a young widow who survives by sewing for Úrsula, the wife of the sergeant of the Civil Guard. Forteza, Tito and Úrsula begin a risky friendship. However, Forteza´s exhibitions and his friendship with Úrsula attract the attention of sergeant Andrade, who makes Forteza an offer which he can´t refuse. Nardo, the chief of the Maquis of the area will also try to make the most of the situation.


Director: Gonzalo Suárez
Script: Manuel Hidalgo and Gonzalo Suárez
Producer: Andrés Vicente Gómez
Director of Photography: Carlos Suárez
Music: Carles Cases


Forteza: Carmelo Gómez
Manuela: Maribel Verdú
Don Constantino: Roberto Alvarez
Nando: Eduard Fernández
Elvira Mínguez, Abel Vitón, Adrián Ramíre y Antonio Resines