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La Pereda

La Pereda: is located about 3.5 km from Llanes. In this little village, due to the initiative of the Bustillo brothers, a group of buildings was erected at the beginning of the twentieth century.
These included a chapel, a school, and a bowls court. This was all paid for with Indiano money. The chapel, dedicated, as was the Indiano custom, to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, was constructed in 1906.

Here the film has been shot:  LOS JINETES DEL ALBA 1990


The television series tells the story of an Asturian village, Las Caldas. The action takes place at the time of the Revolution of 1934 and the following Civil War. These events impinge upon the lives of the principal characters, making a dramatic portrait of Spain in the 1930s. Filmed in the countryside of Asturias, it is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jesús Fernández Santos. Directed y Vicente Aranda and Television Española.


Director: Vicente Aranda
Producer: José Luis Tafur
Script: Vicente Aranda and Joaquín Jordá
Photography: Juan Amorós
Music: José Nieto
Duration: 4 heures 45 minutes

Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdú, Graciela Borges, Fernando Guillén, Gloria Muñoz, Antonio Iranzo, Claudia Gravy, Nacho Martínez, Conrado San Martín, Carlos Tristancho, Joan Miralles, Eufemia Román, José Cerro, Rosa Morata