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The cliffs at Puertas de Vidiago and the cliffs at Mirador de La Boriza (Andrín)

he Cliffs at Puertas: Located in the village of the same name, some 10 km from Llanes, Puertas is right next to the costal path., which runs the length of the Llaniscan coastline. Here you can also find the Bufón de Arenillas This was immortalised by the poet José Zorilla in his poem of 1891, “The Bufón of Vidiago”. Close to the village can also be found the Neolithic “Idol of Peñatú”, which contains paintings and engravings from that time. There is also an exhibition room, related to the monument, nearby.

Here the film has been shot: EL ABUELO (1998)


Don Rodrigo de Arista believed that he knew what honour was, that was until he came back from South America old, half blind and ruined. Upon the death of his only son, he finds out that one of his two granddaughters is illegitimate.

She has none of the noble blood of Albrit. At the end of his days, he must know the real situation. His daughter-in-law refuses to reveal the information and so he has to fall back on all his ingenuity to find out the truth.


Director: José Luis Garci

Script: José Luis Garci and Horacio Valcárcel

Production: José Luis Garci

Director of production: Luis María Delgado

Cameraman: Ricardo G. Navarrete

Set Designer: Gil Parrondo

Photography: Raúl Pérez Cubero


Rodrigo de Arista: Fernando Fernán-Gómez

Pío Coronado: Rafael Alonso

Lucrecia Richmond: Cayetana Guillén Cuervo

Senén: Agustín González

Cristina Cruz, Alicia Rozas, Fernando Guillén, Francisco Piquer, María Massip, José Caride, Francisco Algora, Enma Cohen.