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Playas, mareas y temperatura del agua

The Coastal Path

VIRTUAL TOUR  The route begins in Bustio (Borough of Ribadedeva) and ends in the beach, La Playa de Guadamía. It is 65,000 metres in length and has been divided into 5 stretches to make it easier.

You can do the route combining the round trip with the train, check the schedules here



coastal_pathway_section_i_bustio_-_pendueles_21.600_metres.pdf coastal_pathway_section_ii_pendueles_-_llanes_14.515_metres.pdf coastal_pathway_section_iii_llanes_-_celorio_5.385_metres.pdf coastal_pathway_section_iv_celorio_-_san_antolin_beach_8.000_metres.pdf coastal_pathway_section_v_san_antolin_beach_-_guadamia_beach_15.000_metres.pdf